La  vanité  de  l’homme  |  Human  vanity:

 Le  nez  de  Cléopâtre  s'il  eût  été  plus  court,
 toute  la  face  de  la  terre  aurait  changé.
 Cleopatra’s nose, had it been shorter,
the  whole  face  of  the  world
 would have been changed.

Blaise Pascal
Although the Copts reject all foreign gods
systematically, they start accepting
Christian faith when it gets
 announced in Egypt.
Jérôme-Cecil Auffret

 This  message  came  to  me  concerning  Egypt:
 Look! The Lord is advancing against Egypt,
riding  on  a  swift  cloud.  The  idols  of
Egypt tremble. The hearts of the
 Egyptians melt with fear.
Isaiah 19:1
·  Hosea 11:1
Matthew 2:13–23

Did the idols of Egypt fall down before any
 righteous man or king that came there?
Abraham came there certainly, but
 idolatry prevailed just the same;
 and  Moses  was  born  there,
but the mistaken worship
 was  unchanged.
St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation of the Word

(§§ 33, 36, 37)

Historians have long been fascinated
by  how  quickly  Christianity
gained  such  a  strong
 foothold in Egypt.
José Pérez-Accino

 Enobarbus  describes  Cleopatra:

Age  cannot  wither  her,  nor  custom  stale
Her  infinite  variety:  other  women  cloy
The  appetites  they  feed;  but  she  makes  hungry
Where  most  she  satisfies:  for  vilest  things
Become  themselves  in  her;  that  the  holy  priests
 Bless  her  when  she  is  riggish.

William Shakespeare