1. Chapter 58

  2. “All our life is in three: ‘Nature, Mercy, Grace.’ The high Might of the Trinity is our Father, and the deep Wisdom of the Trinity is our Mother, and the great Love of the Trinity is our Lord”

  3. God, the blessed Trinity, which is everlasting Being, right as He is endless from without beginning, right so it was in His purpose endless, to make Mankind.

  4. Which fair Kind first was prepared to His own Son, the Second Person. And when He would, by full accord of all the Trinity, He made us all at once; and in our making He knit us and oned us to Himself: by which oneing we are kept as clear and as noble as we were made. By the virtue of the same precious oneing, we love our Maker and seek Him, praise Him and thank Him, and endlessly enjoy Him. And this is the work which is wrought continually in every soul that shall be saved: which is the Godly Will aforesaid. And thus in 141our making, God, Almighty, is our Nature’s Father; and God, All-Wisdom, is our Nature’s Mother; with the Love and the Goodness of the Holy Ghost: which is all one God, one Lord. And in the knitting and the oneing He is our Very, True Spouse, and we His loved Wife, His Fair Maiden: with which Wife He is never displeased. For He saith: I love thee and thou lovest me, and our love shall never be disparted in two.

  5. I beheld the working of all the blessed Trinity: in which beholding I saw and understood these three properties: the property of the Fatherhood, the property of the Motherhood, and the property of the Lordhood, in one God. In our Father Almighty we have our keeping and our bliss as anent our natural Substance, which is to us by our making, without beginning. And in the Second Person in skill and wisdom we have our keeping as anent our Sense-soul: our restoring and our 143saving; for He is our Mother, Brother, and Saviour. And in our good Lord, the Holy Ghost, we have our rewarding and our meed-giving for our living and our travail, and endless overpassing of all that we desire, in His marvellous courtesy, of His high plenteous grace.

  6. For all our life is in three: in the first we have our Being, in the second we have our Increasing, and in the third we have our Fulfilling: the first is Nature, the second is Mercy, and the third is Grace.

  7. For the first, I understood that the high Might of the Trinity is our Father, and the deep Wisdom of the Trinity is our Mother, and the great Love of the Trinity is our Lord: and all this have we in Nature and in the making of our Substance.

  8. And furthermore I saw that the Second Person, which is our Mother as anent the Substance, that same dearworthy Person is become our Mother as anent the Sense-soul. For we are double by God’s making: that is to say, Substantial and Sensual. Our Substance is the higher part, which we have in our Father, God Almighty; and the Second Person of the Trinity is our Mother in Nature, in making of our Substance: in whom we are grounded and rooted. And He is our Mother in Mercy, in taking of our Sense-part. And thus our Mother is to us in diverse manners working: in whom our parts are kept undisparted. For in our Mother Christ we profit and increase, and in Mercy He reformeth us and restoreth, and, by the virtue of His Passion and His Death and Uprising, oneth us to our Substance. Thus worketh our Mother in Mercy to all His children which are to Him yielding and obedient.

  9. And Grace worketh with Mercy, and specially in two properties, as it was shewed: which working belongeth to the Third Person, the Holy Ghost. He worketh rewarding and giving. Rewarding is a large giving-of-truth that the Lord doeth to him that hath travailed; and giving is a courteous working which He doeth freely of Grace, fulfilling and overpassing all that is deserved of creatures.

  10. Thus in our Father, God Almighty, we have our being; and in our Mother of Mercy we have our reforming and restoring: in whom our Parts are oned and all made perfect Man; and by [reward]-yielding and giving in Grace of the Holy Ghost, we are fulfilled.

  11. And our Substance is [in] our Father, God Almighty, and our Substance is [in] our Mother, God, All-wisdom; and our Substance is in our Lord the Holy Ghost, God All-goodness. For our Substance is whole in each Person of the Trinity, which is one God. And our Sense-soul is only in the Second Person Christ Jesus; in whom is the Father and the Holy Ghost: and in Him and by Him we are mightily taken out of Hell, and out of the wretchedness in Earth worshipfully brought up into Heaven and blissfully oned to our Substance: increased in riches and in nobleness by all the virtues of Christ, and by the grace and working of the Holy Ghost.

  12. Revelations of Divine Love ✥ Julian of Norwich ✥ Chapters 27 · 58
    All shall be well, ✥ and all shall be well, ✥ and all manner of thing shall be well.

And God saw all the things that he had made,
and they were very good.

Genesis 1:31
  1. Chapter 58

  2. God was never displesid with His chosin wif; and of three properties in the Trinite, faderhede, Moderhede, and lordhede; and how our substance is in every person, but our sensualite is in Criste alone.

  3. God, the blisful Trinite which is everlestand beyng, ryte as He is endless from without begynning, ryte so it was in His purpose endles to maken mankynd, which fair kynd first was adyte to His owen Son, the Second Person. And whan He wold, be full accord of all the Trinite, He made us all at onys; and in our makyng He knitt us and onyd us to Hymself, be which onyng we arn kept as clene and as noble as we were made. Be the vertue of the ilke pretious onyng we loven our Maker and liken Him, praysen Him and thankyng Him and endlesly enjoyen in Him. And this is the werke which is wrought continuly in every soule that shal be save, which is the godly will afornsaid. And thus in our makeyng God almigty is our kindely fader, and God alwisdam is our kindly Moder, with the love and the goodnes of the Holy Gost, which is al one God, on Lord. And in the knittyng and in the onyng He is our very trewe spouse, and we His lovid wif and His fair maiden with which wif He is never displesid. For He seith, I love the, and thou lovist me, and our love shal never be departid on to.

  4. I beheld the werking of all the blissid Trinite, in which beholdyng I saw and understode these three properties: the properte of the faderhede, the properte of the moderhede, and the properte of the lordhede in one God. In our Fader Almyty we have our keping and our bliss as anemts our kyndly substance, which is to us be our makyng without begynnyng. And in the Second Person, in witt and wisdam, we have our keping as anempts our sensualite, our restoryng, and our savyng. For He is our Moder, brother, and savior. And in our good Lord the Holy Gost we have our rewarding and our yeldyng for our lifyng and our travel; and endless overpassing all that we desiren, in His mervelous curtesy, of His hey plentiuous grace. For al our life is in thre. In the first we have our beyng, and in the second we have our encresyng, and in the thrid we hav our fulfilling. The first is kinde, the second is mercy, the thred is grace. For the first, I saw and understod that the hey myte of the Trinite is our fader, and the depe wisdam of the Trinite is our Moder, and the grete love of the Trinite is our Lord; and al this have we in kynd and in our substantial makyng.

  5. And ferthermore I saw that the Second Person, which is our Moder substantial, that same derworthy person is become our Moder sensual. For we arn duble of Gods makyng, that is to say, substantiall and sensual. Our substance is the heyer parte, which we have in our fader God Almyty. And the Second Person of the Trinite is our Moder in kynde in our substantiall makeyng, in whome we arn groundid and rotid, and He is our Moder in mercy in our sensualite, takyng flesh. And thus our Moder is to us dyvers manner werkyng, in whom our parties are kepid ondepartid. For in our Moder Criste we profitten and encresin, and in mercy He reformith us and restorith; and, be the vertue of His passion and His deth and uprisyng, onyth us to our substance. Thus werkith our Moder in mercy to all His children which arn to Him buxum and obedient.

  6. And grace werkyth with mercy, and namely in two propertes, as it was shewid, which werkyng longyth to the thred person, the Holy Gost. He werkith rewardyng and gefyng. Rewardyng is large gevyng of trewth that the Lord doth to hym that hath travellid; and gevyng is a curtes workyng which He doith, frely of grace fulfill, and overpassand al that is deservid of cretures. Thus in our fader God almyty we have our beyng; and in our Moder of mercy we have our reformyng and restoryng in whome our partes are onyd and all made perfitt man; and be yeldyng and gevyng in grace of the Holy Gost, we arn fulfillid. And our substance is our fader, God Almyty, and our substance is our Moder, God alwisdamm, and our substance is in our Lord the Holy Gost, God al goodnes. For our substance is hole in ilke person of the Trinite which is on God. And our sensualite is only in the second person, Crist Jesu in whom is the Fader and the Holy Gost; and in Him and be Him we arn mytyly taken out of Helle and out of the wretchidnes in erth and worshipfully browte up into Hevyn, and blisfully onyd to our substance, incresid in riches and noblith be al the vertue of Criste, and be the grace and werkyng of the Holy Gost.

  7. The Shewings of Julian of Norwich ✥ Chapters 27 · 58
    Isaiah 6:3John 1:14John 1:32-341 John 5:7Revelation 4:8
    Al shal be wel ✥ and al shal be wel ✥ and all manner of thyng shal be wele.