Come,  Father,  Son,  and  Holy  Ghost,
And  seal  me  Thine  abode!

Let  all  I  am  in  Thee  be  lost:
Let  all  be  lost  in  God!

You,  whom  He  ordained  to  be
Transcripts  of  the  Trinity,

You,  whom  He  in  life  doth  hold,
You  for  whom  Himself  was  sold,

You,  on  whom  He  still  doth  wait,
Whom  He  would  again  create;

Made  by  Him,  and  purchased,  why,
Why  will  you  forever  die?

Charles Wesley

Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus Dominus, Deus exercituum;
plena est omnis terra gloria ejus.

Isaiah 6:3

Come,  o  peoples,  let  us  venerate
      the  tri-hypostatic  Deity,
      the  Son  in  the  Father,
      with  the  Holy  Spirit.

For  before  time  the  Father  generated  the  Son,
sharing  His  eternity  and  His  Throne;
and  the  Holy  Spirit  was  in  the  Father,
glorified  together  with  the  Son.

One  Power,  one  Essence,  one  Deity,
whom  we  all  venerate  and  say:

      Holy  God,
      who  created  all  things  through  the  Son,
      with  the  cooperation  of  the  Holy  Spirit;

      Holy  Mighty,
      through  whom  we  knew  the  Father
      and  the  Holy  Spirit  dwelt  in  the  world;

      Holy  Immortal,  the  Spirit  Comforter,
      who  proceeds  from  the  Father
      and  abides  in  the  Son,

Holy  Trinity,  glory  to  Thee.

Leo VI the Wise